About Me

FamilyMy name is Jonathan Hamilton and I run my own business as a Utility Warehouse Distributor by helping people to save and make money. I have been making money as a Distributor since July 2009 and I live on the outskirts of Ashford, Kent with my beautiful wife and three fantastic children.

How Utility Warehouse works for me

I have a busy life with a demanding full time job, a growing family to support and am also an active member of BNI – the breakfast networking organisation. Despite the various demands on my time, I am a successful Utility Warehouse Distributor. I have achieved this by fitting in phone calls and appointments in the little nooks and crannies of the day. I have found that consistently doing a little activity, every day, adds up to a lot of commission over the course of a year. Utility Warehouse is particularly rewarding because, once you have done the work to sign up the customer, head office take over and look after things from there. The mantra at head office is that Utility Warehouse should be the company that you would reccommend to your mum. Utility Warehouse want to be the most trusted utility provider in the UK and are already making great strides towards this goal. All you have to do is get paid for as long as that customer remains with Utility Warehouse. In short: you do the work once and get paid forever!

My background

In my full-time day job I work as a manager for a growing team of engineers at an international electronics company based in Dover. Previously I worked for an electronics company in Lewes, East Sussex, designing public address systems for the London Underground. Going further back, I graduated from Sussex University in 2005 with a  first class Masters degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I was also given the awards for best 3rd and 4th year projects respectively.

Hobbies and achievements

I have a wide variety of hobbies. Motorcycling has always been important to me since the age of 17 and after being a Utility Warehouse Distributor for just 18 months, I was earning enough money to afford a brand new BMW motorbike. I also enjoy hang gliding, snowboarding, skydiving and most other dangerous sports :-).

My goals

I qualified in July 2014 for my free white Utility Warehouse mini, subtly adorned with pink pigs! A goal which had been driving me since the start (no pun intended!). The next goal in my Utility Warehouse business is to help enough other peope to generate a meaningful second income by building my team that I become promoted to Senior Group Leader (SGL). You can find out more about the structure of the Utility Warehouse business opportunity by signing up to receive a free information pack on the top right of this page.

THe bike is being upgraded in 2015 to the latest BMW S1000RR – nothing like it!

In June 2015 I launched my first niche blog website: http://best27inchmonitor.com following the success of this site. Aimed at PC users who are selecting a new 27 inch monitor, it was inspired by some of the jewellery photography I have been doing for my wife’s business.