Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity is full of potential. This month I have been paid nearly £250 in “residual income” – that’s with bonuses on top!

Take Full Advantage of The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

All I have done for the past four years as a Utility Warehouse Distributor is to help people to save money and to make money.  I have spent between 5 and 10 hours a week on this.  If I stopped tomorrow, I would continue to be paid a commission every time my customers pay their bills. I find statistics very useful – when used in the right way. So here are some of my own:

Making Money Part-Time

My first commission payment was £6.75 back in November 2009. the following year it had increased to £71.32 – not exactly big money. That’s the key to this business though – do not expect get rich quick – but do expect to get good results from consistent activity. I carried on doing my 5-10 hours per week and in Nov 2011 my residual income had increased to £157.74 – more than double the year before. This November my income before bonuses is going to be approx £259 (based on October’s pay-packet).

If I carry working at the same rate and my income continues to increase, in 2 years I will be on approx £1000 per month before bonuses. That’s with share options and holiday promotions on top as well!

Helping People to Save Money

The reason why The Utility Warehouse business opportunity is so successful is that it is a genuinely good opportunity to help people to save money and to simplify their lives. Their lives will be simpler when the have only 1 bill to pay instead of 4 or 5. Their bank balances will be healthier from all the money they will save in addition to the cashback they can earn by using out Cashback Card online and on the high street.

If you would like to get paid by helping people to save and make money – click here to sign up now or call me direct on 07782 361568.

The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

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