Utility Warehouse New Half Price Offer!

Utility Warehouse Half Price Opportunity

Utility Warehouse Half Price Fee for New Distributors!

Utility Warehouse have agreed to reduce the joining fee for new distributors to £50 until the end of April. This rare promotion has been reawoken as part of the announcements made at the annual Utility Warehouse conference for distributors known as “Express Day”.

You can find out more about becoming a Utility Warehouse distributor on the official Utility Warehouse page:


Utility Warehouse Announcements

In addition to this half price joining fee announcement, the following additional incenctives have beeen announced for existing and new distributors:

  • Fast start bonuses have been doubled (new distributors only)
  • Three new holiday promotions announced

Double Fast Start Bonuses

As a new distributor, you can earn in excess of £750 in bonuses when you sign up six new ‘Gold’ customers within your first 90 days. A ‘Gold’ customer is someone who takes telephone and broadband as a minimum. With hard work and dedicated focus, this is very achievable and a great opportunity for new Utility Warehouse distributors.

Holiday Promotions

Three holiday promotions have been announced for new and existing distributors. As the distributor, you can choose one of:

  • Cruise in the Caribbean for Two
  • Family Holiday to Orlando
  • Weekend break in Europe for Two


The qualifying criteria for the holiday promotions vary depending on which one you choose. They are all very achievable and are designed to encourage consistent building of your Utility Warehouse business. All of these benefits in addition to the one off bonus you receive for signing up customers (CGB) and the ongoing commission you receive when they pay their bills (CVC) combine to form an unparalleled opportunity.


So, some exciting announcements from Utility Warehouse and a great opportunity to take advantage of! There have been other announcements and all details can be read once you are signed up as a distributor – you will be given access to the online portal which has full details of all announcements.

Hope that is of interest and very much look forward to working with many of you!

There will be an in-depth blog post coming in the near future – keep checking back for updates.

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