How To Apply to Become a Utility Warehouse Partner

To become a Utility Warehouse Partner at the permanently discounted rate of £50, it works best if you become a customer first. Please follow these steps 1-5 below to become a customer and then steps 6 onwards to apply as a Partner. If you are already a customer or want to sign up as a customer later, please go directly to step 6.

  1. Click here and select Online Customer Signup to apply as a customer

  2. Start by entering your details

    Start by entering your details

  3. Click “No”

    Click No

  4. A loading box will be shown

    Loading Box

  5. Then you get a choice of deals. If you don’t want telephone / broadband, you can get energy only by clicking “build your own bundle”

    build your own bundle

  6. Navigate here, select Register as a Partner and use your new Utility Warehouse customer account number

    build your own bundle

  7. Most people choose to use their own tablet to start with. It is easy to change your mind later on this option

    build your own bundle

  8. After you fill in your details to apply to become a Utility Warehouse Partner, the next page will ask you for the ID of the ‘sponsor’ or ‘recruiter’. Please enter my ID which is E20173

When you’re ready to move forward and apply to become a Utility Warehouse distributor, please click on this button and select “Register as a Partner” when prompted to get started: