Be a Utility Warehouse Partner

Be a Utility Warehouse Partner

It can be difficult when looking into opportunities such as being a Utility Warehouse Partner, and finding that much of the information is conflicting. As an existing Utility Warehouse Partner, I hope to iron out the details for you and explain some of the misgivings others may have faced during their experiences. I believe that being a Utility Warehouse Partner is a fantastic way to make money whether as a full time career or simply as a side venture. Hopefully once you’ve read what I have to say, you’ll be able to make a better judged decision for yourself.

First Steps

You begin by signing up as an Partner, collecting customers who use our services. Once you have three such customers, you become a Qualified Partner and earn an on-going commission every month for the services each of your clients use; so in short, the more clients with more services you bring to Utility Warehouse, the more money you can earn each month. To qualify for your ongoing commission payment you do need to sign one customer up each month, although this requirement is removed when you reach fifty customers.

The Money

You pay £100 for your start-up pack which includes brochures and forms and other promotional materials. Once you’ve signed up three people within thirty days then that sum is returned to you. There is no stock to carry, no finances to look after but a monthly income. You also earn a Customer Gathering Bonus of up to £40 for every new customer on top of your regular monthly income based on the services that Utility Warehouse provide for them. Being a Partner is flexible to your own requirements, and helps you save money on your own bills as well.

When you get to 200 customers, the company let you take one of these out for a spin for a whole month!:
Be a Utility Warehouse Partner


Even the training is flexible, with free of charge online modules and classroom training held at over forty five training centres throughout the country. You choose how often you attend. You’ll be shown how to promote the services, which will help your confidence increase. Some people think it is necessary to choose whether to take it on in a full time or on a part time basis. The reality is that in the early days your commission is likely to be low while you build up a customer base and grow your team. For that reason almost all Utility Warehouse Partners start out part-time and migrate to full time when the timing is right. The beauty for busy people is that it is flexible to suit your lifestyle.

Become a Customer

Many current Partners started as customers and were so happy with the services that they wanted to join as Partners.
For example, Haley O wrote on Netmums:

I signed up as a customer a few months ago as I saw Utility Warehouse as a forward thinking company and the Partner that signed me up was a friend who I trust implicitly. I am very happy with the amount I pay for the same gas and electricity I was using before!

Kellie H from Netmums said

I joined about 6 months ago and I’m really enjoying it. The recommendations in Which magazine have been great and it’s recession proof

Qualities for Success

It is in the Utility Warehouse Partner’s nature to be patient and honest. All the sales are done through word of mouth, which is easy when you have as much confidence in the services as we do. It’s easy to be enthusiastic working for a company that promises to be cheaper than the ‘Big 6’ and has competitive rates for all of its services. The benefits speak for themselves and Utility Warehouse truly looks after their Partners and customers. They have already won ‘Company of the Year’ by the Financial Times, but there is still plenty of growing to do which is what makes Utility Warehouse an amazing opportunity not to be missed.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Some confusion stems from those who think that being a Utility Warehouse Partner is part of a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. That just isn’t the case. It is a fantastic way to earn money around a busy lifestyle, and you get out of being a Partner what you put in. The more time and effort you put in, the more money you can make. Once you’ve got a client base, the rest is straightforward. You can build yourself a team and then earn a more substantial income, earning a commission from other Utility Warehouse Partners you have introduced. As a team your success grows in tandem, as well as your income.
In short, Utility Warehouse gives you amazing services and the tools to sell it; the rest of the journey is for you to charter yourself. The opportunity gives everyone a chance for control over their extra income, as well as the hours they put towards it. And that is a rare find indeed.

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By Jonathan Hamilton.

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