BNI Brings Home the Bacon!

Ok, so I have been a member of White Cliffs Dover BNI Kent chapter since October 2008. I joined at my first meeting to promote my Utility Warehouse business – helping people to save and make money.

Since I joined BNI, the proportion of customers I gather through BNI has risen steadily, until around 1 year into my membership when 90% of my customers were all referred to me through BNI.  That proportion has continued to run at 90%+

That’s not the best thing about BNI – for me. Because since I joined, two members have helped me to make almost £20k in pure profit. One member is an accountant – he has negotiated a series of tax and VAT refunds – all entirely legitimate.  That member’s services to me have paid for my BNI membership 15 + times over.

Another member who used to represent garage services at Dover BNI has since changed jobs and kept in contact. That member was able to use my services as an electronic EMC engineer which was a massive amount of business to me – £7,500 so far.

So you see I have made a huge amount of money out of BNI before I have even signed up a single customer. I regularly go to trainings – especially team leader , I occasionally visit other chapters in Kent, I volunteer myself to play an active part in the running of my chapter, I regularly hold 121s with other members, I actively seek quality referrals for other chapter members – the record so far is a referral given from me to the value of £30,000. The BNI motto of Givers’ Gain really does ring true!


BNI White Cliffs Dover

BNI White Cliffs Dover Chapter

By Jonathan Hamilton.

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