How Does Utility Warehouse Work? Tools to Make Money

How Does Utility Warehouse Work? Tools to Make Money

How Does Utility Warehouse Work?

If I could go back in time and give advice to myself as a new Partner, what advice would I give myself? This article aims to answer both of those questions to help you get off to the best possible start with building your own home based business as a Utility Warehouse Partner.

How does Utility Warehouse work 1

What Makes a Successful Partner?

Success as a Utility Warehouse Partner comes with following a proven system and applying it in you own style. Most important of all is the ability to keep on going no matter what. It is possible (although unlikely) to offer ten people the opportunity to save or make money with Utility Warehouse and to receive ten ‘no’s’. If you keep on building your list as shown on training, keep on calling through it and making appointments, you will succeed. What you find is that after a while you become better at making those calls, your customer and Partner presentations are improved and in time your success rate starts to increase. I distinctly remember in the early days after having had a few knockbacks thinking “how does Utility Warehouse work” – I really wanted the magic formula. Keep on going is the answer.

Catching Butterflies

Personally I found close friends and immediate family to be the hardest of all approaches. It is counter-intuitive, you would think that those closest to you would be the most open to your new business. For some this is true but for me I had to look elsewhere. So many Partners give up at this stage. It is hard to take rejection and it is also character building to move forward. Almost all those who initially said ‘no’ to me have since said ‘yes’. For me, by not being pushy, I have had the most success. It’s like catching a butterfly; If you go nuts chasing after it, eventually you might get there but it will take a huge amount of effort and the odds are definitely stacked against you. Conversely if you stand still, in time, the butterfly will eventually come to rest on you.

Do Customers Have to Take All Services?

No! There are five primary services: Home phone, broadband, electricity, gas and mobile phone. The cashback card is an add-on. I have customers who have taken just one or two services and been happy with that or added more later. This is entirely possible, reasonable and normal. Customers do tend to get a better deal by taking more services but that choice is entirely up to them. This is a bit if a bugbear with me; the needs of the customer come first, not my need to earn a bit of extra commission. The principles in The Jelly Effect underpin this approach: ask questions, find out what the customer wants and then serve them as best as you can.

Tools You Need to Help People Join Utility Warehouse

There are some basic items that you will need to get yourself off to the best possible start as a new Utility Warehouse Partner:

Official branded tablet

How does Utility Warehouse work 2

When you click on “Apply Now” above, you are taken through the application process. Part of that will be to choose if you want an official Utility Warehouse tablet (branded Samsung Galaxy Tab III). This is to be used to sign up new customers and Partners to your business. This really is a matter of personal choice. It does add to your credibility if you arrive to meet a prospect and you have beautifully branded equipment. If you already have a tablet (iPad or Android based tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy range) then you could choose to use what you currently have. There is an iPad case available from Utility Warehouse for £30 which includes the same branding as the official Samsung Galaxy Tab III. Bear in mind that the included keyboard does make life a lot easier when filling in customer’s details. Personally, I almost always use a laptop and check that there is a valid internet connection before I go to meet the client. However, the tablet app does allow you to sign up customers even when there is no internet connection.

How does Utility Warehouse work 3

Piggy business cards

How Does Utility Warehouse Work

Absolutely essential in my book. You can find out more about these on my resources page. Don’t skimp on these – go for the proper laminated Utility Warehouse branded business cards. They’re quirky and always get people’s attention because of the distinctive shape. They add massively to your credibility. If you want to succeed – get them. Simple.

Utility Warehouse chocolates

How Does Utility Warehouse Work? 4

You don’t need a lot else apart from a phone and a healthy attitude to making money with the Utility Warehouse business opportunity. Personally I use my car as my office. Almost all my calls are made from within my car and I always carry a supply of Utility Warehouse chocolates and “Thank You” cards. It’s a lovely touch to send a card and box of piggy shaped chocolates to a new customer. It adds a distinct touch of professionalism and makes the customer feel valued.

Utility Warehouse business opportunity

Utility Warehouse pens

How does Utility Warehouse work: Tools

It’s the little details that make the difference in life. Going to sign a customer up can be done without a pen now that we have the tablet. However, some customers will not be able to sign up on the spot and you will need a notebook and pen to take notes of follow-up actions. This is particularly true when signing business customers up. By carrying a supply of Utility Warehouse branded pens, you are automatically putting another drop in the “yes bucket” for each potential new customer. It’s a subtle detail and they matter more than most people think!

Making Money From Home

This weekend, I have made calls and emails in the little nooks and crannies of the day. Send a quick email while the kettle is boiling, make a quick call while the bath is running – it doesn’t take a lot of effort. The result: two customers and two new Partners in the team as a result of that effort – this is a technique known as ‘The Slight Edge‘ as described by Jeff Olson in his book of the same name. It really is possible to make a meaningful second income from home by working part-time, I and thousands of other Utility Warehouse Partners are proof of that.

Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

There is a phenomenal opportunity to start a home based business as a Utility Warehouse Partner. It really is what you make it. Some start very strong and build a big team very quickly, others like myself tend to be more of a cart-horse than a race horse and get the job done a little slower. Having said that if I manage to build up a part-time income which equals my full time salary over a period of ten years, then that is a very early retirement. Speed is always relative.

Utility Warehouse is not like a normal job. If you want a Utility Warehouse job, then you need to enquire at the London based call centre. It is still expanding to keep up with the company’s growing customer base. If you want an income for life, then take advantage of The Utility Warehouse business opportunity today.

It still comes down to the key separator between successful Utility Warehouse Partners and those who fall by the wayside: persistence. So many ask: “how does Utility Warehouse work?”, the answer: If you possess or can learn dogged determination and apply that to your Utility Warehouse business then you will succeed. Simple really!

Do you have any thoughts, comments or questions? Leave a comment below, I read them all!

Utility Warehouse Mini – Is It Achieveable?

Utility Warehouse Mini – Is It Achieveable?

Utility Warehouse Mini

If you are reading this, you may have seen Utility Warehouse minis on the road. These are white BMW Mini cars, subtly adorned with pink pigs and other brightly coloured graphics. This includes the phone number of the Partner whose car it is. Alternatively, you may be considering signing up as a Utility Warehouse Partner yourself. If so, the information pack contains many success stories of Partners who have qualified for their Utility Warehouse Mini and you may be wondering what the requirements are to qualify. This article aims to answers this and other commonly asked questions relating to Utility Warehouse minis.

Utility Warehouse Mini

Why Would You Want One?

The first time most people see a Utility Warehouse mini, they are often surprised. It is fair to say that the logos and graphics on the cars are very apparent. The thought of driving down the road in such a brightly decorated vehicle is understandably daunting for some people. Personally, my initial reaction to the Utility Warehouse mini of my sponsor Sarah Riley was, “nice for her, not for me”.

However, having been a Utility Warehouse Partner for five years now has given me a different perspective. Here are some of the benefits of being a Utility Warehouse mini owner:

  • Visibility. Everyone who sees you in the car knows what you do. This is great because all of those people who you haven’t yet got around to offering The Utility Warehouse business opportunity to, will see it and may be compelled to approach you. Also, complete strangers will approach you and ask to sign up – it regularly happens to me.
  • Credibility. Your existing customers and new prospects will realise that you mean business. You are clearly successful and serious about your Utility Warehouse business if you are a mini owner.
  • Belief. Every day when you get in your Utility Warehouse mini, you will be reminded that you are successful. You have achieved a huge milestone in the building of your Utility Warehouse business. It is the difference between having the belief and motivation to make that extra phone call or to go on that extra appointment. This is a massively underestimated benefit.
  • Win a Mini Events. A great way to recruit new Partners and to gather new customers is to run a win a mini event. This is a competition where every year a member of the public – not necessarily a Utility Warehouse customer, gets the chance to win a brand new BMW mini one – with no pink pigs! By having your own Utility Warehouse mini at a WAM event, you are much more likely to attract people to enquire about the benefits of becoming a customer or a Partner.

    Here is a video of last year’s draw where Chief Executive Charles Wigoder picked the winning ticket from more than 300,000 entries:

Key Facts About Utility Warehouse Minis

(correct as of 13th November 2014 & subject to change)

  • There are strict qualification criteria:
    • You must have received £175 ongoing commission per month on average for the past 3 months prior to applying.
    • You must gather at least 4 “Gold Status” customers (any customer who takes at least telephone & broadband) in the calendar month proeceeding your application.
    • You must have achieved at least Team Leader status (very straightforward and entirely achievable within a few months – the record is 2 weeks)
  • There are just over 600 Utility Warehouse minis on the road
  • You can upgrade from the basic Mini One – and many Partners do exactly that. You must pay the full cost of the upgrade at the time of application and this can be done with credit or debit card (there is a small surchage for credit card upgrades).
  • All servicing is included for the first 5 years, up to 60,000 miles
  • BMW breakdown cover is included for the first 5 years
  • There is a Utility Warehouse mini owners club which includes trips and rallys – all entirely optional.
  • The mini is subsidised by Utility Warehouse head office and is effectively an interest free HP loan with no credit rating requirements
  • Utility Warehouse pay extra commission bonuses for basic activity (gathering gold status customers and recruiting Partners) for the first 5 years that you own the car for.
  • It is, in theory, possible to qualify for the mini and pay nothing for the 5 year duration of the HP agreement. In practise this rarely happens. However, it can be heavily subsidised with the right level of activity.
  • There is a final payment requirement at the end of the 5 years as is the case with many HP car agreements.

My Utility Warehouse Mini

On 11th July 2014, I attended Utility Warehouse Network HQ in west London and picked up the keys for my brand new Utility Warehouse mini from director Wayne Coupland. It was a day that I had been working towards for five years and ultimately was everything that I had imagined. I have been benefiting from this fantastic car ever since.

Further Information

Want to know more? Would you like your own Utility Warehouse mini? Leave me a comment in the section below, I read them all!

Utility Warehouse Partners: 5 Surprising Reasons Why Women Make A Success

Utility Warehouse Partners: 5 Surprising Reasons Why Women Make A Success

5 surprising reasons women make great Utility Warehouse Partners

Since I started out as a UW Partner in 2009, I’ve signed up 45 fantastic people to my happy team. I sat down last night to crunch the numbers, and discovered that 65% of them are women. Yes, 29 ladies have signed up as Utility Warehouse Partners – and that’s just with me. I thought it would be interesting to look at why women make particularly good Utility Warehouse Partners.

There are currently just over 40,000 Utility Warehouse Partners in the UK, so we could make an assumption that there are at least 26,000 women out there making more money for their families, their households, and themselves by working part-time.

Utility Warehouse Partners Women Silhouette

Here are 5 reasons why women become UW Partners (some of them may surprise you!)

  1. Women thrive on getting things done One of the first reasons people will give for not becoming a Utility Warehouse Partners is time. “I’m too busy”, “I already work long hours”, “I don’t have enough spare time.” Women tend to not have these objections – probably because they’re better at getting lots of things done. Ladies are already used to successfully juggling roles. Adding “become a Utility Warehouse Partner” to their list doesn’t seem to be a problem. In fact, they relish it!
  2. Ladies understand the value of an extra £200-£300 I’ve found that the women in my team immediately understand just how valuable an extra £200-300 would be to their household income or their personal disposable income. They just seem to be able to grasp how useful that sort of sum would be, and how it could be allocated to ease the family’s bills or to save up for a treat like a holiday or new car. Of course, £200 is just the beginning… many of the men and women in my team earn much more from slotting Utility Warehouse activity into the nooks and crannies of their day.
  3. Women enjoy developing their social skills and self-confidence This might sound like a generalisation, but I’ve found that many women come to Utility Warehouse seeking something. Over the years, they’ve lost a bit of their identity. Perhaps it’s down to parenthood, or maybe the kids have actually left home. The family atmosphere of a Utility Warehouse team gives them a new friendship group and enables them to work on their personal development. It’s not the reason they sign up, but it’s a fantastic hidden benefit!
  4. It’s a great “little hobby” once the kids have left home Lots of the ladies in my Utility Warehouse team find themselves at a bit of a loose end now the kids have left home to go to University, go travelling, or set up home of their own. Utility Warehouse gives them a real sense of achievement, independence and confidence. It’s much more than a hobby, or a part-time job (although that’s how many of them refer to it). And of course the extra income it generates really helps them branch out with new activities, holidays with hubby, or home improvement jobs. It’s refreshing!
  5. Utility Warehouse generates extra income to for holidays, house or grandkids! How do you think you’d spend an extra £200 a month? The ladies on my team tend to use it for holidays with friends or family, spend it on finally doing up the home or garden, making a one-off purchase (often something they’ve dreamed of for ages, like a car), or treating the grandchildren. One thing’s for sure, the women on my team of Utility Warehouse Partners are all enjoying life to the max!
  6. Do you agree that women make great Utility Warehouse Partners? Would love to hear your comments. Perhaps I’ll blog next time about the characteristics you need to make your UW business a success.

A Decision: Utility Warehouse Pay

A Decision: Utility Warehouse Pay


Utility Warehouse Partners have all made the same decision. We have all signed the form or clicked the “sign up now” button and we all have the same opportunity.

About 40,000 people in the UK have done the same. It sounds a lot but it’s a tiny proportion of the adult population. Of those 40k about 8000 have actually built their business and are receiving Utility Warehouse pay. Of those 8000 about 600 are significantly successful and have achieved their Utility Warehouse mini.

Having been in this business for 5 years I was pretty embarrassed a few months ago to watch those around me picking up their mini and enjoying reduced financial pressure because of thier consistent effort.

On 10th February this year I had surgery to remove my tonsils. It is not pleasant at any age, but it is particularly risky above the mid 20’s. On 11th February I made a decision to qualify for my Utility Warehouse mini. It was possibly the worst time in the past 5 years to make that decision and the timing is never right. I just decided. With a searing pain in my throat, I made call after call after call. I hit 700 minutes on the phone in my first 5 days. By 13th February I had sent the email to head office requesting my mini. It arrives next month.

Utility Warehouse pay


It is easy to make excuses not to do this business. “I’m tired”, “I’m in pain”, “I’m busy”, “I don’t want to lose time with my children”… I have used them all but the cold hard truth is that we would not have the roof over our heads right now if it were not for the income that I have built up over the past 5 years. This week I have been out on appointments almost every night. Was it tough? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Not as much as being at home with my kids. Is it worth it? Damm right.

Utility Warehouse Pay

Last month I picked up £3000 in share options for work I did 4 years ago. That was on top of the gathering bonus and the cvc that Utility Warehouse pay for those customers every month. This month we have enrolled our eldest son into a private school. Not to be snobby but because it’s our only real option. We could only do this because of our Utility Warehouse pay.

Make your decision today, make the right one for you.

You can get more information on the Utility Warehouse business opportunity here: Utility Warehouse pay

Utility Warehouse Partner Earnings: How Much Can You Earn?

Utility Warehouse Partner Earnings: How Much Can You Earn?

Utility Warehouse Partner Earnings

Utility Warehouse Piggy

One of the most often asked questions is:

How much can I earn as a Utility Warehouse Partner?”

The stock answer to this is: it depends how hard you work. While true, this article aims to give a more full and complete answer. There are two main ways that Utility Warehouse Partners are paid:

  • CGB – Customer Gathering Bonus.
    This is a one-off bonus that you are paid when introducing a new member to The Utility Warehouse Discount Club. It takes around an hour to sign someone up (full training is provided). The amount of CGB varies from £2.50 to £40 depending on how many services the customer takes. Typically the CGB is £20 per customer. On this basis you are paid £20 for about an hours work.
  • CVC – Customer Volume Commission.
    This is the ongoing commission that you earn as a Utility Warehouse Partner. CVC is the powerful part of your Utility Warehouse Partner earnings. Every month when your customers pay their bills, you will receive a slice of their bill as commission. The commission levels vary between services. On average a typical four service customer will earn you £5 per month. A four service customer will usually be taking home phone, broadband, gas and electricity. If they take mobile as well, then you earn more.

So the harder you work, the more you get paid? Well yes, that is accurate. Also remember that the CVC starts to be paid to you around five months after you sign the customer up. This is because of the billing and commission process.

Achieve £500 Per Month by the End of Your First Year in Utility Warehouse Partner Earnings

Apply to be a Utility Warehouse Partner Here

As Utility Warehouse Partners we are trained to explain that if you gather two customers a week for your first year, that is a hundred customers. With a hundred customers, you can expect to earn about £500 per month in ongoing commission (CVC). It took me four years to gather my first hundred customers, so I have worked comparatively slowly. Keith Bassi, another Utility Warehouse Partner did work at this business hard in his first couple of years. He achieved 200 customers in his first two years. You can see Keith here:


Keith has now given up full-time employment and is a Utility Warehouse company trainer. He trained me on my first training and I am honestly very grateful for his excellent training style. A lot of the finer details that Keith mentioned have stayed with me even though I have re-trained many times since. There is also an fantastic online training course that you can use anytime to sharpen your Utility Warehouse skills!

Utility Warehouse Partner Earnings – an Example

Utility Warehouse Earnings Graph

This graph shows my Utility Warehouse Partner earnings from the day I signed up in July 2009. There have been a couple of unusual months due to business customers of mine clearing their slate. The overall trend is clear – if you keep working, the commission keeps increasing. I do have a reasonable number of customers who live in smaller properties and this is why the CVC is not quite £500 per month. The bottom line is that this commission keeps coming in regardless of whether I do any work or not – for as long as my customers remain with Utility Warehouse. Since 96% of Utility Warehouse customers say that they would recommend the company to a friend, the customer retention rates are excellent.

Get Paid For Resting in Bed

This sounds too good to be true and my experience is that if something sounds too good to be true, there is always a reason. Here’s the story: I have suffered from recurrent tonsillitis since the age of 19 and have had a some painful experiences as a result. Last month I had my tonsils removed. At the age of 34 that is not a straightforward procedure and the recovery is slow and painful.

The great thing about my Utility Warehouse Partner earnings is that I kept getting paid all the time I was in bed recovering. So is it too good to be true? Well, I did do the work to sign the customer in the first place. That’s the catch that most people fall foul of. There is work involved, you do need to pick up the phone and call people you know. I am nearly fully recovered now and looking forward to receiving my Utility Warehouse mini in a month’s time!

Sign Up Now as a Utility Warehouse Partner

Want to start building your own Utility Warehouse Partner earnings? Click here and sign up now as a Partner.

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