What is the catch?

There are two catches to being a Utility Warehouse Partner. The first is the one which gets the vast majority of people and it’s so simple which is why it is missed so often: You have to work. You have to put that effort in, consistently. Many people do sign up and unfortunately do not give their Utility Warehouse business “franchise” the commitment that they should and consequently they fail. That is the hard truth.

I remember attending one of the big company events “Massive Action Day” (run once a year) and seeing everyone who had been in the business for more than 4 years stand up – every one of them was successful and making a good income with this business. That is the key – keep at it, be prepared to take a few “no’s” (they very often turn into yesses once you have given them time and have more experience).

The second catch is that you must gather at least one customer each month to qualify for CVC (the commission paid which is a percentage of your customer’s bills). Once you achieve 50 personal customers and as along as you maintain at least 50, this monthly requirement goes away. Honestly – lots of Partners lose interest or stamina before they get to 50, it’s those who keep going and follow the excellent training that succeed. Every time.

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