Where do you find customers / get leads?

Utility Warehouse trainers show you on training how to build a list of people to contact to offer the opportunity to save and make money. This is a list of people you know and acquaintances that you have.

Once you have but and called your warm contacts, it is possible to supplement your list using one or both of the following methods:

1. Win a Mini.
Every year, the company give away a brand new Mini one car to an entrant into the WAM competition. In order to enter this, they must fill out a form which you can buy by the 500 load from UW HQ. As part of filling out the form they have the option to request a free review of their bills. Many UW Partners run “Win a Mini” events at fetes, fairs, car boot fairs etc. Some have built their entire businesses on this model.YOu can see more about win a mini here:


2. BNI
You can learn more about BNI through this blog post here:

And at:


I still clearly remember attending a Utility Warehouse seminar in Nottingham a few months after joining. There were many Partners at various levels in the business who all stood up and told their story or shared a success tip. Everyone who stood up said one of two things: Win a Mini (WAM) or BNI. I took the plunge on BNI and have never looked back – it has been hugely successful for me and my Utility Warehouse business.

Where do you find customers / get leads? by
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