Why do I need a tablet to be a Utility Warehouse Partner?

When you sign up as a Partner using the link on the right, you are offered the opportunity to purchase an official Utility Warehouse tablet, paid for at £10 per month for a set period. This is because all customers need to be signed up online. Of course internet connections are not always available in prospective customer’s residences and the tablet provides a way of signing them up without being connected to the internet.

If you are always connected to the internet, then it is perfectly possible to sign up customers using a laptop or desktop computer as I have done many times.

The electronic way of signing up customers was a new feature introduced a few years ago by Utility Warehouse. The old paper application forms were then phased out. This has had the benefit of improving accuracy of signups and speed of getting customers on the system.

If you already have an Apple iPad / iPad mini or an Android based tablet then there is no need to subscribe to the tablet offer. It is convenient however for many Partners to get the official Utility Warehouse tablet as this adds professionalism with the branded case and also has a keyboard which makes entering customer’s details much easier!

Why do I need a tablet to be a Utility Warehouse Partner? by
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