What do I get for my investment of £100?

Once you have paid you registration fee of £100, you are emailed access details to the Utility Warehouse online portal which allows you to complete online training, obtain your unique web address for signing up customers and register for a classroom training session close to you.

The £100 pays for your welcome box, which contains all of the materials that you need to get started. Once you have signed up 7 customers, all consumables are automatically replenished – brochures etc. It also pays for your classroom training. This is unlimited however and the most successful Partners will attend training 10-20 times in their first year. As a bare minimum you need to complete getting started training twice in your first 3 months to give yourself the best possible start. Finally, you are given your own customised version of the Utility Warehouse website which is regularly updated and maintained and the £100 also entitles you to take advantage of this.

It is important that there is a start-up fee, as there is with almost any franchise. Your Utility Warehouse business will be successful when you take it seriously and treat it as a business. The £100 fee is a barrier to entry and a necessary one to ensure that those who sign up are serious about building a substantial Utility Warehouse income.

What do I get for my investment of £100? by
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