1. What is a Daffi-Gold Customer?
  2. When I Apply to be a Utility Warehouse Partner it Asks for the ID of my Recruiter
  3. What is Your Utility Warehouse Partner ID?
  4. What is a Utility Warehouse partner ID?
  5. Is it possible to sign up businesses as a Utility Warehouse Partner?
  6. Are there any other costs associated with being a Utility Warehouse Partner?
  7. Is mentoring available?
  8. Where do you find customers / get leads?
  9. Do Utility Warehouse run incentives and promotions?
  10. Do you need to sign customers up to all the utility services?
  11. How much do you earn?
  12. Can I promote my Utility Warehouse business using the internet?
  13. Do Utility Warehouse provide business cards?
  14. Why do I need a tablet to be a Utility Warehouse Partner?
  15. Does it cost £50 or £100 to sign up as a Utility Warehouse Partner?
  16. Please can you email me the commission structure?
  17. What is the catch?

What is a Daffi-Gold Customer?

A “Daffi Double-Gold Homeowner” customer is a homeowner who takes all four Utility Warehouse services available: energy (gas or electricity), telephone line, broadband, mobile phone.

When I Apply to be a Utility Warehouse Partner it Asks for the ID of my Recruiter

After you fill in your details to apply to become a Utility Warehouse Partner, the next page will ask you for the ID of the ‘sponsor’ or ‘recruiter’. Please enter my ID which is E20173

What is Your Utility Warehouse Partner ID?

When you sign up as a Utility Warehouse Partner, you may get asked for a partner ID. This is the unique ID from the person who introduced you to Utility Warehouse.

If you are happy to be mentored by me, Jonathan Hamilton and would like to join my growing team, please enter my partner ID which is: E20173
If you would prefer to work with another Utility Warehouse Partner, please contact them to obtain their partner ID.

What is a Utility Warehouse partner ID?

Utility Warehouse partner ID is a unique ID given to you when you sign up to be a Utility Warehouse Partner. It gives you the ability to sign in to the online portal known as The Utility Warehouse Partner Portal. From the Partner Portal you can book onto training, complete online training, order marketing materials and most importantly of all sign up customers and Partners to take advantage of the Utility Warehouse business opportunity.

Is it possible to sign up businesses as a Utility Warehouse Partner?

Absolutely – yes! Small and Medium businesses make great Utility Warehouse customers. Because their consumption is usually much greater than residential customers, their savings are usually greater and so is your monthly commission! There is separate training both online and in the classroom to help you sign up business customers.

There are often more contracts and increased resistance from current suppliers with business supplies. The extra effort to sign them up is reflected in the increased commission that you earn. It is useful to keep an electronic diary such as in Google Calendar so that you can diaries to contact a customer when they are out of contract. Utility Warehouse will pay to get customers out of contract in some circumstances, details are explained in the training.

Are there any other costs associated with being a Utility Warehouse Partner?

Yes. After your first year as a Partner, the company take a renewal fee from your commission, which is currently set at £4 per month. If you’re not earning significantly more than £4 per month after a year then something has gone wrong and you need to decide whether to restart or not.

Is mentoring available?

Yes. Am very happy to arrange a mentor local to you, or work with you over the telephone. I personally live in Ashford, Kent. If you live within 50 miles of me, I will come with you on at least your first 3 appointments (assuming you require this) and help to sign up your first 3 customers.

Where do you find customers / get leads?

Utility Warehouse trainers show you on training how to build a list of people to contact to offer the opportunity to save and make money. This is a list of people you know and acquaintances that you have.

Once you have but and called your warm contacts, it is possible to supplement your list using one or both of the following methods:

1. Win a Mini.
Every year, the company give away a brand new Mini one car to an entrant into the WAM competition. In order to enter this, they must fill out a form which you can buy by the 500 load from UW HQ. As part of filling out the form they have the option to request a free review of their bills. Many UW Partners run “Win a Mini” events at fetes, fairs, car boot fairs etc. Some have built their entire businesses on this model.YOu can see more about win a mini here:


2. BNI
You can learn more about BNI through this blog post here:

And at:


I still clearly remember attending a Utility Warehouse seminar in Nottingham a few months after joining. There were many Partners at various levels in the business who all stood up and told their story or shared a success tip. Everyone who stood up said one of two things: Win a Mini (WAM) or BNI. I took the plunge on BNI and have never looked back – it has been hugely successful for me and my Utility Warehouse business.

Do Utility Warehouse run incentives and promotions?

Yes. Utility Warehouse frequently incentivise a certain level of activity – usually a set number of “gold status” customers (customer’s taking at least phone and broadband). In return for hitting monthly targets over a period of time, Partners can qualify for valuable share options, luxury cruises, shopping vouchers and other special rewards.

Do you need to sign customers up to all the utility services?

No. Customers can take as many or as few of the services as they wish. The package price for their utilities will generally be better if they take more. However it is important to keep the customer’s best interest’s at heart when signing them up. It will not be right for all customers to take multiple services. I have many customers with only gas or electricity on their Utility Warehouse bill. The company do, on occasion, incentivise signing up a number of customers with a minimum number of services.

As a Partner, approximately 80% of your CVC (commission from your customer’s paying their monthly bills) will come from energy and about 20% from other services (mobile, landline and broadband).

How much do you earn?

As of December 2014, I currently earn between £500 and £700 per month (it varies a little depending on the weather, gas prices and my activity level). I have 146 personal customers and a growing team of Partners. There are many Utility Warehouse Partners out there who are earning more. You can see much more detail, including a trend graph here: Utility Warhehouse Distributor Earnings

Can I promote my Utility Warehouse business using the internet?

Yes – this website has been reviewed and approved by Utility Warehouse head office. It is a costly and involved process in setting up your own website. The route most Partners choose is to use their own personalised version of The Utility Warehouse website – you can see what this will look like by clicking on ‘save money’ above. This is included as part of your Partnership.

You can also send a link to your personalised ‘sign up’ website to people who have requested it and this is a great way to sign up customers who live a long distance away.

Do Utility Warehouse provide business cards?

Utility Warehouse partner with Printwell who are able to provide many different official branded Utility Warehouse printed products. In particular they can offer pig shaped business cards which are quirky and memorable and add extra credibility when you are pitching for business. They currently cost £79 for 2000.

Why do I need a tablet to be a Utility Warehouse Partner?

When you sign up as a Partner using the link on the right, you are offered the opportunity to purchase an official Utility Warehouse tablet, paid for at £10 per month for a set period. This is because all customers need to be signed up online. Of course internet connections are not always available in prospective customer’s residences and the tablet provides a way of signing them up without being connected to the internet.

If you are always connected to the internet, then it is perfectly possible to sign up customers using a laptop or desktop computer as I have done many times.

The electronic way of signing up customers was a new feature introduced a few years ago by Utility Warehouse. The old paper application forms were then phased out. This has had the benefit of improving accuracy of signups and speed of getting customers on the system.

If you already have an Apple iPad / iPad mini or an Android based tablet then there is no need to subscribe to the tablet offer. It is convenient however for many Partners to get the official Utility Warehouse tablet as this adds professionalism with the branded case and also has a keyboard which makes entering customer’s details much easier!

Does it cost £50 or £100 to sign up as a Utility Warehouse Partner?

It costs £50 as long as you sign up as a Utility Warehouse customer (gas, electric, telephone, broadband, mobile phone etc) first. You can do this by clicking on the “save money” link at the top of this page. When you have signed up as a Utility Warehouse customer, you will be given a membership number which you can then use when applying to be a Partner to ensure that you are only charged £50. You will automatically be prompted to enter your membership number as part of the Utility Warehouse Partner signup form.

Please can you email me the commission structure?

Absolutely – please sign up to receive an information pack on the right hand side – the commission structure will be emailed to you as a pdf instantly along with a general information pack on becoming a Utility Warehouse Partner. Make sure you add [email protected] to your address book!

What is the catch?

There are two catches to being a Utility Warehouse Partner. The first is the one which gets the vast majority of people and it’s so simple which is why it is missed so often: You have to work. You have to put that effort in, consistently. Many people do sign up and unfortunately do not give their Utility Warehouse business “franchise” the commitment that they should and consequently they fail. That is the hard truth.

I remember attending one of the big company events “Massive Action Day” (run once a year) and seeing everyone who had been in the business for more than 4 years stand up – every one of them was successful and making a good income with this business. That is the key – keep at it, be prepared to take a few “no’s” (they very often turn into yesses once you have given them time and have more experience).

The second catch is that you must gather at least one customer each month to qualify for CVC (the commission paid which is a percentage of your customer’s bills). Once you achieve 50 personal customers and as along as you maintain at least 50, this monthly requirement goes away. Honestly – lots of Partners lose interest or stamina before they get to 50, it’s those who keep going and follow the excellent training that succeed. Every time.

Where are the Utility Warehouse training centres?

There are more than 80 training venues around the UK, there is bound to be a venue near you. If you would like to double check, please email me via the contact page and I can advise the nearest training centres to you. You can attend training as many times as you like and there is no charge. I recommend all new Partners attend getting started training at least twice in their first month to get off to the best possible start. There is also an excellent online training course which supplements the classroom training.

What level of earnings can I realistically expect as a Utility Warehouse Partner?

The stock answer is that it is what you make it, you get out that you put in etc. This is true, however it is an incomplete answer. With determination and hard work, it entirely possible to hit 200+ club (200 personal customers) and Group Leader (GL) position within a few years. Anyone can do this, very realistically. You will achieve £1k – £2k per month for this. If you are very persistent and successful then you will hit SGL (Senior Group Leader) which very roughly equates to £5k per month. This is realistically achievable within 5-10 years although it has been done in as little as 18 months.

What do I get for my investment of £100?

Once you have paid you registration fee of £100, you are emailed access details to the Utility Warehouse online portal which allows you to complete online training, obtain your unique web address for signing up customers and register for a classroom training session close to you.

The £100 pays for your welcome box, which contains all of the materials that you need to get started. Once you have signed up 7 customers, all consumables are automatically replenished – brochures etc. It also pays for your classroom training. This is unlimited however and the most successful Partners will attend training 10-20 times in their first year. As a bare minimum you need to complete getting started training twice in your first 3 months to give yourself the best possible start. Finally, you are given your own customised version of the Utility Warehouse website which is regularly updated and maintained and the £100 also entitles you to take advantage of this.

It is important that there is a start-up fee, as there is with almost any franchise. Your Utility Warehouse business will be successful when you take it seriously and treat it as a business. The £100 fee is a barrier to entry and a necessary one to ensure that those who sign up are serious about building a substantial Utility Warehouse income.