How Does Utility Warehouse Work? Tools to Make Money

How Does Utility Warehouse Work?

If I could go back in time and give advice to myself as a new Partner, what advice would I give myself? This article aims to answer both of those questions to help you get off to the best possible start with building your own home based business as a Utility Warehouse Partner.

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What Makes a Successful Partner?

Success as a Utility Warehouse Partner comes with following a proven system and applying it in you own style. Most important of all is the ability to keep on going no matter what. It is possible (although unlikely) to offer ten people the opportunity to save or make money with Utility Warehouse and to receive ten ‘no’s’. If you keep on building your list as shown on training, keep on calling through it and making appointments, you will succeed. What you find is that after a while you become better at making those calls, your customer and Partner presentations are improved and in time your success rate starts to increase. I distinctly remember in the early days after having had a few knockbacks thinking “how does Utility Warehouse work” – I really wanted the magic formula. Keep on going is the answer.

Catching Butterflies

Personally I found close friends and immediate family to be the hardest of all approaches. It is counter-intuitive, you would think that those closest to you would be the most open to your new business. For some this is true but for me I had to look elsewhere. So many Partners give up at this stage. It is hard to take rejection and it is also character building to move forward. Almost all those who initially said ‘no’ to me have since said ‘yes’. For me, by not being pushy, I have had the most success. It’s like catching a butterfly; If you go nuts chasing after it, eventually you might get there but it will take a huge amount of effort and the odds are definitely stacked against you. Conversely if you stand still, in time, the butterfly will eventually come to rest on you.

Do Customers Have to Take All Services?

No! There are five primary services: Home phone, broadband, electricity, gas and mobile phone. The cashback card is an add-on. I have customers who have taken just one or two services and been happy with that or added more later. This is entirely possible, reasonable and normal. Customers do tend to get a better deal by taking more services but that choice is entirely up to them. This is a bit if a bugbear with me; the needs of the customer come first, not my need to earn a bit of extra commission. The principles in The Jelly Effect underpin this approach: ask questions, find out what the customer wants and then serve them as best as you can.

Tools You Need to Help People Join Utility Warehouse

There are some basic items that you will need to get yourself off to the best possible start as a new Utility Warehouse Partner:

Official branded tablet

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When you click on “Apply Now” above, you are taken through the application process. Part of that will be to choose if you want an official Utility Warehouse tablet (branded Samsung Galaxy Tab III). This is to be used to sign up new customers and Partners to your business. This really is a matter of personal choice. It does add to your credibility if you arrive to meet a prospect and you have beautifully branded equipment. If you already have a tablet (iPad or Android based tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy range) then you could choose to use what you currently have. There is an iPad case available from Utility Warehouse for £30 which includes the same branding as the official Samsung Galaxy Tab III. Bear in mind that the included keyboard does make life a lot easier when filling in customer’s details. Personally, I almost always use a laptop and check that there is a valid internet connection before I go to meet the client. However, the tablet app does allow you to sign up customers even when there is no internet connection.

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Piggy business cards

How Does Utility Warehouse Work

Absolutely essential in my book. You can find out more about these on my resources page. Don’t skimp on these – go for the proper laminated Utility Warehouse branded business cards. They’re quirky and always get people’s attention because of the distinctive shape. They add massively to your credibility. If you want to succeed – get them. Simple.

Utility Warehouse chocolates

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You don’t need a lot else apart from a phone and a healthy attitude to making money with the Utility Warehouse business opportunity. Personally I use my car as my office. Almost all my calls are made from within my car and I always carry a supply of Utility Warehouse chocolates and “Thank You” cards. It’s a lovely touch to send a card and box of piggy shaped chocolates to a new customer. It adds a distinct touch of professionalism and makes the customer feel valued.

Utility Warehouse business opportunity

Utility Warehouse pens

How does Utility Warehouse work: Tools

It’s the little details that make the difference in life. Going to sign a customer up can be done without a pen now that we have the tablet. However, some customers will not be able to sign up on the spot and you will need a notebook and pen to take notes of follow-up actions. This is particularly true when signing business customers up. By carrying a supply of Utility Warehouse branded pens, you are automatically putting another drop in the “yes bucket” for each potential new customer. It’s a subtle detail and they matter more than most people think!

Making Money From Home

This weekend, I have made calls and emails in the little nooks and crannies of the day. Send a quick email while the kettle is boiling, make a quick call while the bath is running – it doesn’t take a lot of effort. The result: two customers and two new Partners in the team as a result of that effort – this is a technique known as ‘The Slight Edge‘ as described by Jeff Olson in his book of the same name. It really is possible to make a meaningful second income from home by working part-time, I and thousands of other Utility Warehouse Partners are proof of that.

Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

There is a phenomenal opportunity to start a home based business as a Utility Warehouse Partner. It really is what you make it. Some start very strong and build a big team very quickly, others like myself tend to be more of a cart-horse than a race horse and get the job done a little slower. Having said that if I manage to build up a part-time income which equals my full time salary over a period of ten years, then that is a very early retirement. Speed is always relative.

Utility Warehouse is not like a normal job. If you want a Utility Warehouse job, then you need to enquire at the London based call centre. It is still expanding to keep up with the company’s growing customer base. If you want an income for life, then take advantage of The Utility Warehouse business opportunity today.

It still comes down to the key separator between successful Utility Warehouse Partners and those who fall by the wayside: persistence. So many ask: “how does Utility Warehouse work?”, the answer: If you possess or can learn dogged determination and apply that to your Utility Warehouse business then you will succeed. Simple really!

Do you have any thoughts, comments or questions? Leave a comment below, I read them all!

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