Make Extra Money in My Spare Time

With a recession on and the cost of living rising, there are many people asking how can I make extra money in my spare time? If this is you, read on!

To illustrate the potential of the Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity, I would like to tell you a couple of stories. All names have been changed, but the stories are real.

James is a good, honest, hard-working individual. He was born in Scarborough in the 1940’s. James did well at school, but wasn’t cut out for University. James married at the age of 23 and he and his wife had 2 wonderful children a few years later. James carried on to have a successful career as an accountant. He started by doing book-keeping, then moved up the ladder to become a qualified accountant. Eventually James set up his own accountancy practice, he made good money at this and he eventually retired at the age of 65 on a pension that was a fraction of his usual income.

As James moved through his life, his standard of living had increased. The more successful he was in his chosen career, he was able to support his family better and move to progressively larger homes. It came at a cost though. James had to work long hours for most of his working life. By the time he came to retirement age, there was not much fire left in the boiler and, regrettably at the age of 67, James passed away quietly in his sleep. I personally feel that there is a massive injustice in that story – why would anyone have to work their entire lives to enjoy just 2 years of retirement. James’ story is not uncommon – I bet you know lots of people in similar cycles.

Make Extra Money in My Spare Time

The Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Andrew is also a good honest, hard-working person. He was born in Essex in the early 1970’s. Andrew also did well at school and also wasn’t cut out for university. Andrew also had a family. Andrew had a successful career in the car industry, but money was tight. One day the question “How can I make extra money in my spare time?” was answered – Andrew was offered the Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity. 24 hours later he signed up as a Utility Warehouse Partner. He then went out and showed people how to save money and how to make money – only part time, a few hours a week. Andrew was consistent though, always making some effort in building his Utility Warehouse business, every day. Andrew did this over the course of 12 years. It wasn’t easy – he and his wife had jobs, they had a growing family and various other commitments – just like most people do. 12 years later, Andrew has been retired from full time work for many years, Andrew receives a very large commission payment into his bank account every month – the amount goes up each month and will continue to do so, even if Andrew was to stop his consistent activity tomorrow. Andrew and his family have achieved total financial security and freedom – just by making some extra money in their spare time.

Andrew and James both had similar lives, separated by a choice. Andrew chose to have financial freedom, he made a decision and stuck to it unwaveringly. If you do the same, you will have similar results to Andrew. In fact the commission tends to be much higher these days than it was 12 years ago, so it should take significantly less time to achieve the same results.

Make Extra Money in My Spare Time

Jonathan Hamilton Utility Warehouse Partner

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By Jonathan Hamilton.

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