Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

Making Money From Home with The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

Many people have at one time or another heard of The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity, but need more information and so ask. How do I Make Money With The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity?

The answer is simple. Utility Warehouse Partners make money by showing their friends, family and people they meet how they can save money on their utility bills. The Utility Warehouse supply home phone, broadband, gas, electricity, mobile phone services. They also offer a generous cashback scheme at a range of well-known high-street shops. Customers are guaranteed to save on their utilities, provided they take at least 4 of the aforementioned utility services. There is no ‘sales’ involved, just word of mouth recommendation.

Make Money With The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

Jonathan Hamilton – Making Money With the Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

Each time you help someone save money with The Utility Warehouse business opportunity, you are paid a one-off bonus “Customer Gathering Bonus” or CGB for short. This varies depending on how many services the customer takes, but is typically £20. it takes around half an hour to sign up a customer so that is a pretty good hourly rate as well! Full training on how to get started with The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity is provided. Everyone starts with the same – no customers and no Partners, but with consistent effort and following the system, outstanding results can be achieved.

If you were planning a wedding tomorrow – who would you invite? If you were planning a huge celebration party, who would you invite? The answers to these questions holds the key – the list of people you can approach with a view to saving them money on their utility bills. If you really had to… If your life depended on it, you could build a list of 200+ names. If just half these people saw the benefits and signed up to the guaranteed saving that The Utility Warehouse offer, you would make a lot of money. The commission rates vary depending on which services are taken, but broadly speaking, each multi service customer is worth approx £5 per month (in addition to the one-off CGB) – for as long as they remain a customer. Get 100 customers – you will received approx £500 per month.

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By Jonathan Hamilton.

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