Making Money From BNI

I have been a member of BNI for nearly 3 years now. My chapter is White Cliffs Dover and I promote my business as a Utility Warehouse Partner – helping people to save money on their utility bills. I would like to share with you some tips that helped me massively increase my making money from BNI.

My journey through BNI has genuinely been transformational. When I joined I was not the best public speaker and I was just finding my way in  ‘sales’. To cut a long story short, 3 books helped transform my membership in BNI from mediocre to outstanding. If you know anything about BNI, you will know that outstanding membership = a lot of business and I am now blessed to receive 95% of my new customers through BNI referrals.


So what are the 3 books? They are shown below, they are (in order of importance): The Jelly Effect by Andy Bounds, The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan & Barbra Pease and The Magic of Colors 6CD audio book by Jerry “DRhino” Clark.

Making Money From BNI

The Jelly Effect is the single most important book I have read since I joined BNI. By reading it and putting its contents into practice, I found that my perspective on BNI was completely changed. I stopped being absent and getting substitutes. It’s amazing how your attendance can improve when you focus on arranging your calendar around your weekly BNI meeting. I started turning up early and the additional networking resulted in increased business – particularly from visitors.

I learned how to network effectively. I know what you’re thinking – networking is easy – and you’re right. But effective networking requires skill and care. Aim to talk less than 30% of the time. Watch, observe and respond appropriately to body language. Utilise AFTERS – the key message in this book. If you want to know what AFTERS are, you’ll have to get yourself a copy here.

The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan & Barbara Pease is the most insightful book on body language. There are plenty of books available on the subject, but this one stands out head and shoulders above the rest. I read through the entire book, absorbed lots & lots of fascinating and useful information about reading body language, and then completed the test at the end. I did pretty badly which shows that there were plenty of things that I didn’t pick up. But just those things which did stick have been massively useful to me when networking before a BNI meeting. It has also helped me in sales as well – knowing when to close, when to back off etc.

The next time you are at a networking event, when no-one is looking, have a look at the arrangement of the feet on the floor. This will tell you a lot about the dynamics in the room. When you are selling to someone – watch the pupil dilation in their eyes, observe the tension in their neck and arms. Watch to see what type of smile they use etc, etc. There is so much useful information in the book, it is absolutely essential reading.You can buy this book here.

The Magic of Colors by Jerry Clark is a really, really useful tool when dealing with people in any situation. It basically helps you to sort people’s personality type into 1 of 4 basic categories. Knowing which colour (categories are grouped into 4 colours) a person is, massively helps you choose the best approach. Don’t procrastinate to a direct person, be patient with a more caring person etc.

The Magic of Colors is not a new concept – it has been around for about 65 years, but Gerry’s method of presentation is the best by far. He makes it really simple to understand and very addictive to listen to. I have heard it over 10 times and I find it really useful to constantly reinforce the useful messages in the programme. You can buy The Magic of Colors here.


Please note – I have no affiliation with any of the authors mentioned here. All my commentary is entirely that: mine and genuine. I am happy to recommend excellent publications – especially these 3 as they have helped me massively increase making money from BNI . I hope this commentary is of use and that you get the very best return from your BNI membership.

By Jonathan Hamilton.

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