Making Money in Dragons Den

Making money in Dragons Den is not easy. My attention was grabbed when a young chap walked into the den to ask for an investment in his business renting private car parking spaces. This was a classic case of personality being more powerful than the invention. Harrison Wood’s idea is not new – there were already several companies operating in this market at the time when he made his pitch. But what a pitch – he put his heart & soul into it. I really identified with him and from the comments, it looks like several of the dragons did as well, particularly Theo Paphitis.

Images are more powerful than words, so I have created this custom clip on YouTube:

Making Money in Dragons Den

Harrison Woods makes an enthusitic pitch – what he lacks in experience he certainly makes up for with enthusiasm. As Theo rightly points out, he has some significant cojones to make such a pitch at the tender age of twenty two. Harrison ultimately suceeds in raising funds from Theo Paphitis & Peter Jones. His business has promise despite there being two other major competitiors.


I found this pitch deeply moving because of Theo’s comment – “I want to be there when you make it”. He clearly identified with the lad and I wish Harrison all the best in his money making quest.

Further Reading

Following the comments from Theo Pahitis, I bought a copy of his autobiography Enter The Dragon and read it in a weekend. Theo’s journey is fascinating, inspiring and testament to his drive, determination and talent. There are a few reviews on Amazon commenting on the strong football content of his book. For me, although not a football fan, the content was entirely relevant – it was clearly a big part of his life. Having read the book twice now, I can completely see how Theo could have seen some of his old self in Harrison.

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