Making Money With Utility Warehouse Part-time Pays off at Christmas!

Ok, so first of all I would like to wish all of my customers, Partners, fellow BNI members and everyone else a very happy Christmas and a propserous new year.

Making Money With Utility Warehouse

Christmas is always a busy and expensive time, so I was relieved this year that we were able to pay for most of the presents to our 3 children from my residual income. My regular activity  on a relatively small scale for the past 2 years has now built up a substantial residual income which increases every month.  My commission payments from Utility Warehouse for November and December entirely paid for all the presents which we gave our children this year.

Christmas Presents

Little Max got almost entirely Thomas the Tank Engine presents! Oliver had an enourmous Nerf gun and lots of science type presents and little Isla got some baby toys. I was also able to give my wife a very well deserved top of the range spa day at Walletts Court Hotel in Dover: for more on that.


On top of all that, I am have now been promoted to ‘Team Leader’ status within Utility Warehouse which entitles me to a higher rate of commission. The commission rates are regularly reiewed and tend to change every couple of years or so. Generally though, the stronger your team, the greater your status in Utility Warhsoue and the highe ther level of commissino you are likely to receive.

All in all, a really superb Christmas – really looking forward to making more money in 2012!

If you would like more information on how the Utility Warehouse business opportunity could benefit you and your family, please drop me a comment below or get in touch via the link the menu bar above.

The Results of Making Money with Utility Warehouse - Christmas 2012

The Results of Making Money with Utility Warehouse – Christmas 2012

By Jonathan Hamilton.

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