Part Time Income – Monthly Payrise

Had a great month in May – 5 new business customers signed up and saving money already! With the Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity, I have created a part time income for myself –  with a pay-rise every month.

When I first signed up as a Utility Warehouse Partner, I had no idea what I had got hold of. I just wanted to make an extra £200 – £300 each month to supplement my income.  That extra money – the cream on top now makes all the difference to our standard of living. I now make in excess of £300 per month after just 3 years in the business. That income will continue to go up without me doing any more work.

Part Time Income

Big smile on my face with 5 new business customers in May!

That’s right – I will keep getting paid on all the customers I have signed up to date. Every month when they pay their bills, I will be paid a commission. It really is as simple as that. To find out how you can earn extra money working part-time as a Utility Warehouse Partner, please get in touch using the details on the “Contact me” page.

By Jonathan Hamilton.

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