Judith Colman:
From Utility Warehouse customer to Partner

For me Utility Warehouse has been the perfect business

What other business could allow me the freedom and flexibility to juggle my demanding career with raising my two young children? I am a graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and I am a post graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and for twenty years I have been an opera singer and voice coach, leading a very busy professional life.

Utility Warehouse: easy to fit into my busy schedule

Having been a happy customer of Utility Warehouse for several years it was quite natural for me to recommend their services to other people. Fitting the business into my busy schedule is really easy to do and I find that everyone is incredibly supportive in the business.  The skills and positive mindsets that I have gained are transferable and beneficial to all areas of my life. I have achieved the position of Team Leader and it’s amazing how the more I help others the more likely I am to achieve my dreams.

With a bit of consistent part time activity my Utility Warehouse income now provides me with holidays abroad with my children every year, something I was never able to do before starting this business. The future is really bright too – whilst my professional career flourishes my Utility Warehouse business is always there and I can reap the rewards of the time and effort I put in in the past and the income stream will always be there.

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