Sarah Riley:
Reaping the rewards of being a Utility Warehouse Partner

Sarah RileyWhen I first saw the Utility Warehouse opportunity I really did not understand just what I had found. I saw it only as a way of generating some extra income, perhaps a few hundred pounds a month. Little did I know at that point what a life changing journey I had embarked upon!

My background

From an early age I always wanted to be a teacher so after completing my first degree in Geography and Biology at Reading University I went on to do a PGCE and started my teaching career in East Yorkshire. I set my self a goal of being a Head of Department within 5 years which I achieved and from there went on to Deputy Headship in a school in London. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching but at the back of my mind was the reality that teachers, no matter how far up the career ladder they go, can never be truly wealthy.

The rewards of being a Utility Warehouse Partner

Utility Warehouse has given me the chance to secure the future for myself and my family. With consistent and persistent part time activity (alongside my teaching job) over the last 6 years I now have a residual income that exceeds that of my pension after 25 years of teaching full time. I have massively reduced my teaching hours and  along the way I have enjoyed a free 6* luxury Mediterranean Cruise, borrowed one of the company’s Porsche Boxsters as well as having been awarded share options. Jewel in the crown is having one of the company minis – how fantastic to be given a brand new car and one that has all the pink pigs on it too! I have reached the position of Group Leader and am one of the company trainers. It is truly rewarding to help others embark on their Utility Warehouse journey.

The future

I am more excited by this business now than when I started – the future is so bright, as all I can see in the future is UW being a household name. But more than that I see a bright future for the Riley household – I have no worries about my daughters’ university fees or worries about my pension … I am enjoying the  Life of Riley.

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