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Why Start With Why?

Why Start With Why?

Start With Why

On September 16th, 2009 Simon Sinek, Author of the bestselling book “Start With Why” walked out onto the “TED” stage in Newcastle, USA. He was about to deliver a speech that would define him as an individual and inspire millions of people. Simon’s talk was stunning with his superbly focused method of delivering his message: don’t start with what or how, start with why. It’s a simple message at its core as the best ideas often are.

Subtle Advantage

For 18 minutes, Simon captivated the TED crowd with examples of how companies like Apple swim against the other fish. While most companies start with a What e.g. “we make computers”, the revolutionaries start with a cause, a purpose, a why. Apple famously kicked off their ipod marketing campaign with the “1000 songs in your pocket” slogan. They were not the first to market (kills that stupid theory dead in the water), neither were they the most technically excellent. Creative were the first company to market with an mp3 player and had the technical advantage. Creative made MP3 players, Apple allowed you to carry 1000 songs in your pocket. It’s a subtle difference. So subtle that most people miss it entirely. The embracing of that subtle advantage has helped make Apple one of the most successful companies of all time.

Great Visionaries Starting With Why

It’s not just companies that can gain an advantage by starting with Why. Visionaries like Martin Luther King, Ghandi and Nelson Mandela all started with Why. They were not goal driven per se, rather they were driven by the cause, the passion, the why. None of those individuals started with the SMART mantra, Specific, Measurable etc etc. Indeed to do so would have been ridiculous. As Simon points out, Martin Luther King gave the “I have a dream” speech, not the “I have a plan” speech. politicians these days are so contrived that they turn their electorate off. If they started with a true why, the success would follow.


Goals, targets and achievements, they are all ubiquitous. Everytime you log on to LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or read the newspapers, the virtues of goals are lauded. Goals are very ‘Marmite’, you either love them or hate them. Judging by the massive amount of self-development books and CDs available in support of goals, most fall onto the pro-goals side of the coin. Why is it that we are so determined to map our lives out and to set personal and group targets? Some would say that well structured goal setting has changed their lives and helped them to achieve great success. I would agree that effective goal setting is important. However, I disagree that the overused SMART mantra is necessary. A true goal is in the heart, it is a founded in passion and ignites action. Careful goal choice is vital and is only possible when we temet nosce (know thyself) as famously quoted in The Matrix.

temet nosque in The Matrix

Some of the answer has to fall at the feet of results. It is true that individuals perform better when set a challenging target. It is also true that individuals tend to perform better when pushed as part of a group. Peer pressure is, in the right circumstances more effective than a well defined goal. A great example of this is in fitness training. If you take part in a group exercise such as British Military Fitness (BMF) there is no question – you will push yourself harder, much harder than you ever would as an individual.

Simon Sinek portrait

Simon Sinek Author of Start With Why

Zen and Goals

I am a keen reader of Zenhabits, a top-ten blog by Leo Babauta. Leo is an avid supporter of flow in preference to goals. On first glance the principle of flow does not appeal to me. It seems to be a form of drifting through each day with no particular purpose or cause. Leo would argue that flow is about the journey, not the destination and there, on that point, I think goal-setters would agree. The major difference is lack of target. Chris Williams, famous goal-setting trainer for Utility Warehouse is not an advocator of flow. He contests that is it ok for Leo to flow since he has already achieved his potential. Others who have not yet achieved success in thier lives need goals to progress according to Chris.

I tend to agree with Chris Williams that generally speaking goals are the most effective way to get where we want to be. But I also contest that making a goal should be about a strong Why. In fact I think if every goal-setter out there threw away thier SMART analyses and just did what Simon Sinek recommends in his fantastic book Start With Why, they would be more successful, faster and ultimately happier.

Start With Why book

Follow you path, find your Why and, if it involves a financial element, then it could be worth you looking at The Utility Warehouse business opportunity to help you achieve your Why. Email me now for more information:
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Utility Warehouse: Top 3 Questions Answered

Utility Warehouse: Top 3 Questions Answered

Want to find out more about Utility Warehouse and the Utility Warehouse business opportunity? You have come to the right place! In this article, you will get answers to the top 3 questions that are asked by people interested in Utility Warehouse.

Utility Warehouse

1. Why does it cost £100 to sign up as a Partner?

This is an entirely reasonable question. A salaried job would not require a sign-up fee, indeed such a fee would mostly be unreasonable. Freelance individuals registering with an agency are typically required to pay an administration fee particularly if the agency is also a professional body. The Utility Warehouse business opportunity however is not a salaried job, it is effectively a franchised operation. To give a parallel, McDonalds is the most famous franchised operation in the world. It costs upwards of £200,000 to register as a McDonalds restaurant and to have the right to use the company’s logo, branding and cooking methods. It typically takes 3-5 years before a McDonalds franchisee is able to see a return on their investment.
The £100 that is required by Utility Warehouse head office for an individual to become a Utility Warehouse Partner is a fully refundable deposit. It exists for many reasons:

  • Barrier to entry. Only serious individuals are going to put £100 on the table. Those with a passing interest will quickly be eliminated.
  • Incentive. It is crucial that as a Utility Warehouse Partner, you get off to the best possible start. It is similar to fishing: if you catch something on your first go, then you will be enthused and continue to fish. This initial momentum is vital in your Utility Warehouse business. Once you sign up 3 qualifying customers within your first 60 days, you receive a full refund of the deposit.
  • Ownership and responsibility. It is important that as a Utility Warehouse Partner that you get into the mindset of a business owner. Having made an initial outlay, and received your pack of materials, registered for online and face to face training you will begin to grasp this concept, subconsciously at least.
  • 2. Is Utility Warehouse a pyramid scheme?

    This is a great question, partly because there is a widespread misconception about the meaning of the term ‘pyramid scheme’ . Taking it literally, every company in the world with more than one employee is a pyramid. There is an owner or proprietor, then there are the board of directors. They each have a team of managers who in turn manager a larger group of employees. Those employees produce items or services for a much larger number of customers. This is a pyramid:

    Utility Warehouse

    What is often meant by this questions is actually ‘is this a Ponzi scheme’ (or other unsustainable business model). This is a scheme where money is paid for a position in a structure, often a pyramid. There is no actual product or service supplied in return for the money. Such schemes are unsustainable and eventually most people lose out. These schemes are immoral, unethical and are illegal in many countries. Wikipedia entry here. Furthermore, a pyramid scheme is always about rewarding the business opportunity first, not about products. The Utility Warehouse business opportunity is all about product first. As your mentor, I am not rewarded for recruiting you until you have started to gather customers. There is only an incentive for me to recruit people who are willing and able to put an effort into making a success of their Utility Warehouse business. Similarly, if you recruit a Partner yourself, you will only be rewarded when they successfully gather 3 ‘gold status’ customers.

    Utility Warehouse is an entirely ethically led company. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange (trading as Telecomplus PLC) and are in the FTSE 250. They were even awarded best performing share award in 2011 with an impressive growth profile. Furthermore customers of Utility warehouse are provided with an actual service – their utilities so there is a tangible product. The £100 Partner deposit is used by the company to pay for the classroom training, maintenance an upgrade of online training and the box of initial training materials the each new Partner receives. Once the new recruit has started to gather customers they then qualify for a refund of their deposit. Utility Warehouse then return the £100 in an effort to incentivise them to continue gathering customers. The company of course start to make a profit from those customers who have been gathered.

    3. What are typical earnings of a Utility Warehouse Partner?

    The commission structure is based on an ethical policy of making sure that customers are happy and cared for. Therefore there are no large up-front bonuses. The initial gathering bonus for any new customer is currently capped at £40. The lucrative element of The Utility Warehouse commission structure is the ongoing monthly payments. Each month when a customer pays their Utility Warehouse bill, a small percentage (typically approx. 3.5%) is then set aside for the Partner who signed them up. On 21st of the following month, this slice is then paid to the Partner as ‘CVC’ Customer Volume Commission. This amounts to around £5 per month per customer for a typical 4-service customer. (4 services could be Gas, Electric, Telephone and Broadband). Mobile phone is available too.

    Once a Partner has gathered 100 customers, they could typically expect to receive £500 per month, depending on the quality of the customers that they have gathered. This level can take around 1-2 years to achieve.

    I hope that has been of some use to you while considering the business opportunity that Utility Warehouse has to offer. Please do comment if this was helpful or if you have a question, I read every one!

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Be a Utility Warehouse Partner

Be a Utility Warehouse Partner

Be a Utility Warehouse Partner

It can be difficult when looking into opportunities such as being a Utility Warehouse Partner, and finding that much of the information is conflicting. As an existing Utility Warehouse Partner, I hope to iron out the details for you and explain some of the misgivings others may have faced during their experiences. I believe that being a Utility Warehouse Partner is a fantastic way to make money whether as a full time career or simply as a side venture. Hopefully once you’ve read what I have to say, you’ll be able to make a better judged decision for yourself.

First Steps

You begin by signing up as an Partner, collecting customers who use our services. Once you have three such customers, you become a Qualified Partner and earn an on-going commission every month for the services each of your clients use; so in short, the more clients with more services you bring to Utility Warehouse, the more money you can earn each month. To qualify for your ongoing commission payment you do need to sign one customer up each month, although this requirement is removed when you reach fifty customers.

The Money

You pay £100 for your start-up pack which includes brochures and forms and other promotional materials. Once you’ve signed up three people within thirty days then that sum is returned to you. There is no stock to carry, no finances to look after but a monthly income. You also earn a Customer Gathering Bonus of up to £40 for every new customer on top of your regular monthly income based on the services that Utility Warehouse provide for them. Being a Partner is flexible to your own requirements, and helps you save money on your own bills as well.

When you get to 200 customers, the company let you take one of these out for a spin for a whole month!:
Be a Utility Warehouse Partner


Even the training is flexible, with free of charge online modules and classroom training held at over forty five training centres throughout the country. You choose how often you attend. You’ll be shown how to promote the services, which will help your confidence increase. Some people think it is necessary to choose whether to take it on in a full time or on a part time basis. The reality is that in the early days your commission is likely to be low while you build up a customer base and grow your team. For that reason almost all Utility Warehouse Partners start out part-time and migrate to full time when the timing is right. The beauty for busy people is that it is flexible to suit your lifestyle.

Become a Customer

Many current Partners started as customers and were so happy with the services that they wanted to join as Partners.
For example, Haley O wrote on Netmums:

I signed up as a customer a few months ago as I saw Utility Warehouse as a forward thinking company and the Partner that signed me up was a friend who I trust implicitly. I am very happy with the amount I pay for the same gas and electricity I was using before!

Kellie H from Netmums said

I joined about 6 months ago and I’m really enjoying it. The recommendations in Which magazine have been great and it’s recession proof

Qualities for Success

It is in the Utility Warehouse Partner’s nature to be patient and honest. All the sales are done through word of mouth, which is easy when you have as much confidence in the services as we do. It’s easy to be enthusiastic working for a company that promises to be cheaper than the ‘Big 6’ and has competitive rates for all of its services. The benefits speak for themselves and Utility Warehouse truly looks after their Partners and customers. They have already won ‘Company of the Year’ by the Financial Times, but there is still plenty of growing to do which is what makes Utility Warehouse an amazing opportunity not to be missed.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Some confusion stems from those who think that being a Utility Warehouse Partner is part of a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. That just isn’t the case. It is a fantastic way to earn money around a busy lifestyle, and you get out of being a Partner what you put in. The more time and effort you put in, the more money you can make. Once you’ve got a client base, the rest is straightforward. You can build yourself a team and then earn a more substantial income, earning a commission from other Utility Warehouse Partners you have introduced. As a team your success grows in tandem, as well as your income.
In short, Utility Warehouse gives you amazing services and the tools to sell it; the rest of the journey is for you to charter yourself. The opportunity gives everyone a chance for control over their extra income, as well as the hours they put towards it. And that is a rare find indeed.

Got a question of your own? Hit “leave a reply” at the bottom of this page, I read every comment.
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Five questions to ask before you join Utility Warehouse

Five questions to ask before you join Utility Warehouse

Join Utility Warehouse as a Partner

Change is scary. But without it, you’ll never realise your true earning potential.
And the likely reason you’re on this page right now is because you want to take the first step in that journey, but need to do your research first. Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to join Utility Warehouse as a Partner, there are five key questions that you need to consider:

1. How much money can I make?

Predictably, there’s no one answer for this question. I personally make just over £400 per month. This is after four years of working two to four hours per week, building up my customer base. Recently, I celebrated my 100th personal customer. Utility Warehouse Partner earnings are directly linked to the effort that the effort put in.

There are Partners who joined Utility Warehouse after me who have achieved more than I have. The elegance of this business is that your earnings are directly related to your effort, you really are your own boss! The truth is that if you are prepared to work diligently and consistently, you will be rewarded. Once you have built up a customer base, you will keep getting paid on their accounts every month.

2. I have a full time job. How easy is it to perform my role as Partner at the same time?

Joining Utility Warehouse as a Partner is becoming a popular method for extra household income, as many enterprising individuals are discovering. Your role as Partner is designed to fit around your own time, so you’re in control and decide your own level of participation. People from all walks of life are able to get the most from this opportunity and still have enough personal time to enjoy the rewards.

Join Utility Warehouse for your Mini

3. Is Utility Warehouse reputable?

Well, it’s been named the UK’s best energy provider by Which? magazine many times and is owned by Telecom Plus plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. It’s licensed by energy regulator Ofgem, regulated by Ofcom and so far over 320,000 homes and small businesses have joined Utility Warehouse as customers. Then there’s the feedback from Utility Warehouse customers. In a recent survey, 94 percent said they would recommend the company’s utility services to family and friends. That’s part of the success of Utility Warehouse: the power of word of mouth.

4. What exactly am I expected to do?

To become a Partner, you sign up with an existing Partner. There‘s a £100 joining fee, which is refunded if you recruit 3 good quality (4 service) customers in your first 60 days. You’ll earn a bonus of up to £40 for every customer signed up. For example, £20 for a 4 service customer, typically taking gas, electricity, telephone and broadband. You also earn a monthly income based on how much your customers spend on the services they take. In addition, when you introduce other Partners to the business, you earn a smaller amount of commission on what their customers spend as well.

5. What difference will it make to my life?

Now, this is an important question to ask. And the answer? It’s completely up to you.
If times are lean financially, it could mean that you’re able to pay off your debts while at the same time being able to afford those day-to-day luxuries that you may have been depriving yourself, such as new clothes or family days out.
The way you approach the Utility Warehouse business opportunity and your role as a Partner will help you make that change: your enthusiasm and tenacity is integral to the amount of money you make.

Got a question of your own? Hit “leave a reply” at the bottom of this page, I read every comment.

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Mums Make Money With Utility Warehouse

Mums Make Money With Utility Warehouse

Utility WarehouseIf you believe women have fought too long and too hard to give up their working lives completely when they have a child, you are not alone. Then again, that isn’t to say that you want to rush straight into work and leave your child at home with a stranger. In the current economic climate, the decision tends to walk hand in hand with guilt for either leaving your partner to support your family financially or returning to work and seeking someone else to care for the children. But what if I told you that with Utility Warehouse you make smaller, easier choices and get the best of both worlds? 


Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse is the trading name of Telecom Plus PLC, who provide a range of essential everyday services to over 400,000 homes and businesses all over the UK. Founded in 1996, their aim is simple – To save their customers money. Utility Warehouse have several positions put in place so that you can work from home, in the hours that you choose, so that you’re not torn between being financially dependant on your partner and ‘abandoning’ your children. 

For example, the position of Partner is designed for anyone who wants to generate additional income by achieving realistic goals with the potential for bonuses should you surpass this. It costs £100 to join, but with a starter bonus gained from achieving your first 90 days goal this is returned to you. After that you earn a one-off of up to £50 for every customer you sign and a regular monthly commission based on a percentage of your customers monthly spend on Utility Warehouse services. You can also sign up as a Partner which involves building a team so that you get paid for the all the team’s customers as well. It really is that simple; and the more customers you sign up, the more your monthly commission grows – which means that if you are able to commit more hours to the job as your children are at school or what have you, then you reap greater rewards. 

You can learn more by watching this short video clip:


 **Make Extra Money*

These rewards include cash bonuses when you reach certain milestones such as personally recruiting Partners and reaching targets, as well as share options among others. Once you have established yourself as a successful Partner with an income of £175 each month, you can apply for a company branded BMW Mini One. On the other hand, there is more to working with Utility Warehouse than just the monetary rewards, as shown here by these real success stories:

 After my children started school I found myself with plenty of free time that I wanted to put to good use, but I needed to ensure that I had enough flexibility to do the school runs. The idea of earning a little extra money had definite appeal and the Utility Warehouse seemed to fit my requirements nicely. Little did I know that I had stumbled across a potential goldmine! Now when I buy clothes or a new car, I like being able to tell the other mums that it was thanks to my own efforts!

Susan Mackenzie


Once I’d had my two children I just didn’t want to go back to work as an accountant. Darren loves his job as a policeman but we were keen to find a home-based business that could replace my earnings. Now we know we could both give up work before we are 50. We’ve made some great friends and love working with positive, like-minded people and it’s great for Darren and me to be working together.”

Jane & Darren Turner


I started off as a customer with the Utility Warehouse. I was so impressed with the savings I was making I decided to become a Partner. Fitting this business around my hairdressing and raising my two sons proved to be both fun and easy! There is free training provided, and you can go as many times as you like. Now the Utility Warehouse has given us a very positive future. We’ve made great friends along the way. We now have great opportunities, and I’m able to spend quality time as a mother with my sons, while building a secure future for the three of us.”

Christine Wise


Please don’t feel you have to have a specific skill set either. Utility Warehouse makes sure that all their Partners receive comprehensive training, which is both online and held in venues across the UK, free and available whenever you need it. You will also receive a Business Manual to guide you to success. All Partners receive a free hosted website, which looks just like our corporate website, where customers and Partners can sign up online and be added to your account. You’ll have access to a wide range of professionally made marketing materials free of charge, and also promotional material for purchase (T-shirts, business cards and much more).


One thing mothers may be sceptical about is support once they have had the training and are officially working for themselves. Utility Warehouse will not throw you in at the deep end, nor will we leave you to fend for yourself. We’ll help you market your business as you join thousands of individuals who mutually benefit from each other’s success, helping one another. 


You’ll receive advice and support from your peers to help you build a successful business, not to mention the opportunity to meet people and make friends, which can be difficult if you spend the majority of your time at home.

 The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

This is the business that grows with you; so that you can earn an income to improve your life during the hours that suit you, whether that’s just evenings and weekends or more, choose the level of work you take on and work around your personal priorities, which is a comfort to any mother working from home. Utility Warehouse was winner of PLC of the Year Award in 2009, and this is your opportunity to become a part of this fantastic networking business.


Find out how to sign up now:  http://pinkpiggy.biz/how-can-i-be-utility-warehouse-Partner

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