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Utility Warehouse Win a Mini – Ways of Gathering Customers

Utility Warehouse Win a Mini – Ways of Gathering Customers

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The Utility Warehouse Win a Mini events are well known throughout the company as effective ways of gathering new customers. I often get asked “How are you supposed to find new customers / leads as a new Utility Warehouse distributor?” My answer is always the same:

  1. Start with your friends and family to practise on.
  2. BNI
  3. Win a Mini Events
  4. Continue with referrals

You can find out more about BNI in this blog post. Here we are going to focus on Utility Warehouse Win a Mini events.

Utility Warehouse Win a Mini: The Basics

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Utility Warehouse run a prize draw once a year at the companies big annual conference known as “Express Day”. This event is run over a weekend and features speakers to inspire and motivate, key company announcements and a keynote speaker who will focus on a particular theme. Some previous speakers have included Chris Gardner (upon whom the film “The Pursuit of Happyness” was based) and Darren Hardy. On the Sunday towards the end, Charles Wigoder the Chief Executive draws the winner randomly from all those that are received throughout the course of the year.

Partners that wish to use The Utility Warehouse Win a mini as a means for gathering leads for potential customers can buy a supply of competition entry forms direct from Utility Warehouse through the online Partner only system called “The Partner Portal”. There are a few other materials that are often helpful for running an effective and credible event.

Utility Warehouse Win a Mini – Materials Needed

  • A trestle table that collapses is essential unless the venue where you are running your event supplies them. An old wallpaper pasting table is fine because it will be covered over by a..
  • Utility Warehouse Win a Mini tablecloth – also Available direct from Utility Warehouse via the online “Partner Portal”.
  • Pens – to fill in the application forms! Ideally branded Utility Warehouse ones. You do get a small supply in you welcome pack as a new distributor. Alternatively you can buy additional pens via, you’ve guessed it: the online “Partner Portal”.
  • Clipboards. A5 clipboards are ideal for the entry forms. It is best to have at least 2 so that more people can be filling in the form while they que during busy periods.
  • A4 laminated information leaflet with A4 clipboard. Available direct from Utility Warehouse.
  • Water bowl for dogs + water
  • Sweets & a bowl for children if you choose to have this option
  • Various Utility Warehouse information leaflets. Samples of the key ones will be sent to you with your Partner welcome pack. You can order more direct.
  • A gazebo. Good for sheltering from the rain and sun! Get a cheap one from Argos each year – works out cheaper than buying an expensive one and then having to replace it when an item gets broken.
  • Water weights for the gazebo. This really saved me when we did a Utility Warehouse Win a Mini event and there was a really fierce wind. They are available from Amazon.
  • Deck chairs. Browsers seem to feel less intimidated about approaching if you are seated, and there will be long, quiet spells, so bring something to sit on.
  • Branded Utility Warehouse clothing – shirt, fleece, raincoat are all available if you want to go the extra mile.
  • If you or your upline has a Utility Warehouse Win a Mini, that could be helpful for branding / credibility: http://pinkpiggy.biz/utility-warehouse-mini

Utility Warehouse Win a Mini Events – Where to Run / Book

The best places to run Win a Mini events is at small, local fairs, fetes etc. Car boot sales can work too but tend to be less successful.

Some distributors have had success with having stalls in shopping centres etc. personally I stay away as such pitches tend to be very expensive and are rarely worth the expense.

Utility Warehouse Win a Mini Events – Training

Utility Warehouse offer professional training on how to get the most from a Win a Mini event. This includes a series of online videos and a classroom session as well. Personally, I completed the online training and asked my upline Sarah to help me run a couple of events before I started to run solo. It’s also a good idea to team up with other local Partners – even if they aren’t in your team, as long as you all get on well and agree up front the guidelines for the event.

Photo Gallery

Here are some snaps of events that I was running a Utility Warehouse Win a Mini competition stall at in 2017. As you can see, we sometimes get some unexpected visitors 😉

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Utility Warehouse Mini – Is It Achieveable?

Utility Warehouse Mini – Is It Achieveable?

Utility Warehouse Mini

If you are reading this, you may have seen Utility Warehouse minis on the road. These are white BMW Mini cars, subtly adorned with pink pigs and other brightly coloured graphics. This includes the phone number of the Partner whose car it is. Alternatively, you may be considering signing up as a Utility Warehouse Partner yourself. If so, the information pack contains many success stories of Partners who have qualified for their Utility Warehouse Mini and you may be wondering what the requirements are to qualify. This article aims to answers this and other commonly asked questions relating to Utility Warehouse minis.

Utility Warehouse Mini

Why Would You Want One?

The first time most people see a Utility Warehouse mini, they are often surprised. It is fair to say that the logos and graphics on the cars are very apparent. The thought of driving down the road in such a brightly decorated vehicle is understandably daunting for some people. Personally, my initial reaction to the Utility Warehouse mini of my sponsor Sarah Riley was, “nice for her, not for me”.

However, having been a Utility Warehouse Partner for five years now has given me a different perspective. Here are some of the benefits of being a Utility Warehouse mini owner:

  • Visibility. Everyone who sees you in the car knows what you do. This is great because all of those people who you haven’t yet got around to offering The Utility Warehouse business opportunity to, will see it and may be compelled to approach you. Also, complete strangers will approach you and ask to sign up – it regularly happens to me.
  • Credibility. Your existing customers and new prospects will realise that you mean business. You are clearly successful and serious about your Utility Warehouse business if you are a mini owner.
  • Belief. Every day when you get in your Utility Warehouse mini, you will be reminded that you are successful. You have achieved a huge milestone in the building of your Utility Warehouse business. It is the difference between having the belief and motivation to make that extra phone call or to go on that extra appointment. This is a massively underestimated benefit.
  • Win a Mini Events. A great way to recruit new Partners and to gather new customers is to run a win a mini event. This is a competition where every year a member of the public – not necessarily a Utility Warehouse customer, gets the chance to win a brand new BMW mini one – with no pink pigs! By having your own Utility Warehouse mini at a WAM event, you are much more likely to attract people to enquire about the benefits of becoming a customer or a Partner.Here is a video of last year’s draw where Chief Executive Charles Wigoder picked the winning ticket from more than 300,000 entries:

Key Facts About Utility Warehouse Minis

(correct as of 13th November 2014 & subject to change)

  • There are strict qualification criteria:
    • You must have received £175 ongoing commission per month on average for the past 3 months prior to applying.
    • You must gather at least 4 “Gold Status” customers (any customer who takes at least telephone & broadband) in the calendar month proeceeding your application.
    • You must have achieved at least Team Leader status (very straightforward and entirely achievable within a few months – the record is 2 weeks)
  • There are just over 600 Utility Warehouse minis on the road
  • You can upgrade from the basic Mini One – and many Partners do exactly that. You must pay the full cost of the upgrade at the time of application and this can be done with credit or debit card (there is a small surchage for credit card upgrades).
  • All servicing is included for the first 5 years, up to 60,000 miles
  • BMW breakdown cover is included for the first 5 years
  • There is a Utility Warehouse mini owners club uwminiownersclub.co.uk which includes trips and rallys – all entirely optional.
  • The mini is subsidised by Utility Warehouse head office and is effectively an interest free HP loan with no credit rating requirements
  • Utility Warehouse pay extra commission bonuses for basic activity (gathering gold status customers and recruiting Partners) for the first 5 years that you own the car for.
  • It is, in theory, possible to qualify for the mini and pay nothing for the 5 year duration of the HP agreement. In practise this rarely happens. However, it can be heavily subsidised with the right level of activity.
  • There is a final payment requirement at the end of the 5 years as is the case with many HP car agreements.

My Utility Warehouse Mini

On 11th July 2014, I attended Utility Warehouse Network HQ in west London and picked up the keys for my brand new Utility Warehouse mini from director Wayne Coupland. It was a day that I had been working towards for five years and ultimately was everything that I had imagined. I have been benefiting from this fantastic car ever since.

Further Information

Want to know more? Would you like your own Utility Warehouse mini? Leave me a comment in the section below, I read them all!