The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity is exactly that – a fantastic opportunity. Most people look at how the money works and sign up as a Utility Warehouse Partner to make £300 a month or so. It is certainly very achievable to earn that level of income from The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity. However, there is a lot more to the business which is not immediately apparent to those who have not seen it before.

The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

I signed up as a Utility Warehouse Partner back in 2009 when it still cost £200 to register (it has now been permanently reduced to £100). To be honest if it cost double, I would still have signed the form – quite genuinely. The opportunity that this business presents is exciting, immense and indescribable. The reason it is impossible to describe is that it will be different for everyone. I have blogged before about “The Jelly Effect” by Andy Bounds see my previous blog on the 3 books that changed my life here. In that book, Andy talks about ‘AFTERS’. We all join this business for more money don’t we? Actually no – we join for what we will do with the money – for some it will be pay off debts, others – less hours at work and more time at home with the family – my initial goal was to earn more than the monthly payments would be on a brand new BMW S1000RR motorcycle. I achieved my goal in September 2011.

The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

My BMW S1000RR – My First Goal Achieved with The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity


Everyone has their driving force, their motivating factor – think for a while about what yours is – really think carefully. It is easy to say ‘pay the mortgage’, but what will you achieve by doing that? Reduced stress / a bigger house / more time at home with your family / ability to travel the world … Think about the AFTERS – they are vital.

Some people hear about The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity and think “It must be too good to be true”. It is true, there is a catch – you have to work, consistently. Many fall by the wayside because they do not have the stamina to make 1 phone call a day or go to 2 appointments a week. Those are easy actions to take, but you will only take them if your “why” – your personal AFTERS are strong enough.

The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

The Jelly Effect


Others hear about The Utility Warehouse business opportunity and worry that they will not be able to ‘sell’ the services which the company offer. All I say to this is that full training is given. The person who invited me to become a Partner is a 74 year old journalist from Brighton. I have seen deputy head teachers, bin men, bodybuilders, university graduates, civil servants and many other professions all succeed in this business. I have seen many fail too. I can assure you it has nothing to do with an affinity for selling. This business is about recommendation – not selling. Full and unlimited training is given – a 5 hour course local to you which you can attend as many times as you want as well as online training. Also as your mentor, I am available to come with you on your first few appointments – until you feel confident to go out on your own.


Others worry that The Utility Warehouse business opportunity will take too much time and they will not be able to do it justice. I have a full time job as a middle manager for an engineering company in Dover, I also run another business as a director consultant for BNI – looking after 3 growing groups of local business owners who pass business to each other. I have a family with three children and 2 houses to refurbish – it’s fair to say there are a lot of demands on my time. Yet I still find 5 minutes to make some calls here and an hour in the evening to help someone save money on their utility bills there. What I’ve learnt in my limited time as a Utility Warehouse Partner is that ‘I haven’t got the time’ is a cop-out. An excuse – not a proper reason. It is code for ‘I’m too lazy to do anything’. I’m fine with that – in fact I am grateful for those who are honest enough to admit that they will not spend the small snippets of time necessary to become successful with The Utility Warehouse business opportunity. It saves their time and mine. This may sound a little harsh, but this opportunity is simply as big as you want it to be – it is only limited by your personal ambition.

The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

I too joined The Utility Warehouse business opportunity looking for £300 or so extra per month. Now that I have exceeded that initial goal, I can see the big picture of what is really possible with this business. I am going to make a bold claim here, I have just turned 33. On my 36th birthday I will have at least equaled my full time income with my part-time income as a Utility Warehouse Partner. To put that claim into perspective – I earn significantly in excess of £35k PA in my full time job. I can say this with total confidence, I have received at least an 8% pay rise every month from my Utility Warehouse business – that will carry on for the next 3 years as long as I keep working. I am currently on track to exceed my goal by 4 months.


The Utility Warehouse business opportunity indirectly led to my becoming a member of BNI and I am still a member at BNI White Cliffs Dover chapter. BNI has significantly contributed to my personal development and success as a Utility Warehouse Partner. Easy words to say, but I really, really mean them. BNI has allowed me to flourish at public speaking where I used to be almost too nervous to utter a word. I am now chapter director at White Cliffs Dover and have been for the past 10 months. I also look after 3 local chapters as a Director Consultant which has similar benefits for my personal development. So profound has the effect that BNI has had on my life that I wrote a letter to The Rt Hon Charles Wigoder – the executive chairman of The Utility Warehouse Discount Club, thanking him for the massive transformation that this business has had on me.

The Utility Warehouse Business Opportunity

Jonathan Hamilton – Proud Member of BNI White Cliffs Dover

In my letter to Charles, I explained that I had a tough time socially at school. When I left and graduated from University in 2005 I was becoming more confident, but the thought of talking to a large group of people still terrified me – public speaking is still the number 1 fear in the UK – above death. However since I joined BNI, my fear began to slowly subside and I increased in stature until 19th March 2012 when I delivered a vital training module to 150 of the best BNI members in Kent. To cut a 4 page letter into a few sentences – The Utility Warehouse business opportunity has led me to BNI and both make me feel like a better person. Charles’ keynote speech at a recent Utility Warehouse event was that he continues in his role not because he has to, but because it makes him feel like a better person. That statement really resonated with me. Charles was also kind enough to reply to me in a positive and encouraging way!


I would like to close with a quote: “The art of good business is about being a good middle man. Putting people together. It’s all about honour and respect.” If you would like to become a Utility Warehouse Partner, please email me directly on: [email protected] or call 01233 427447.

By Jonathan Hamilton.

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