Utility Warehouse Partners: 5 Surprising Reasons Why Women Make A Success

5 surprising reasons women make great Utility Warehouse Partners

Since I started out as a UW Partner in 2009, I’ve signed up 45 fantastic people to my happy team. I sat down last night to crunch the numbers, and discovered that 65% of them are women. Yes, 29 ladies have signed up as Utility Warehouse Partners – and that’s just with me. I thought it would be interesting to look at why women make particularly good Utility Warehouse Partners.

There are currently just over 40,000 Utility Warehouse Partners in the UK, so we could make an assumption that there are at least 26,000 women out there making more money for their families, their households, and themselves by working part-time.

Utility Warehouse Partners Women Silhouette

Here are 5 reasons why women become UW Partners (some of them may surprise you!)

  1. Women thrive on getting things done One of the first reasons people will give for not becoming a Utility Warehouse Partners is time. “I’m too busy”, “I already work long hours”, “I don’t have enough spare time.” Women tend to not have these objections – probably because they’re better at getting lots of things done. Ladies are already used to successfully juggling roles. Adding “become a Utility Warehouse Partner” to their list doesn’t seem to be a problem. In fact, they relish it!
  2. Ladies understand the value of an extra £200-£300 I’ve found that the women in my team immediately understand just how valuable an extra £200-300 would be to their household income or their personal disposable income. They just seem to be able to grasp how useful that sort of sum would be, and how it could be allocated to ease the family’s bills or to save up for a treat like a holiday or new car. Of course, £200 is just the beginning… many of the men and women in my team earn much more from slotting Utility Warehouse activity into the nooks and crannies of their day.
  3. Women enjoy developing their social skills and self-confidence This might sound like a generalisation, but I’ve found that many women come to Utility Warehouse seeking something. Over the years, they’ve lost a bit of their identity. Perhaps it’s down to parenthood, or maybe the kids have actually left home. The family atmosphere of a Utility Warehouse team gives them a new friendship group and enables them to work on their personal development. It’s not the reason they sign up, but it’s a fantastic hidden benefit!
  4. It’s a great “little hobby” once the kids have left home Lots of the ladies in my Utility Warehouse team find themselves at a bit of a loose end now the kids have left home to go to University, go travelling, or set up home of their own. Utility Warehouse gives them a real sense of achievement, independence and confidence. It’s much more than a hobby, or a part-time job (although that’s how many of them refer to it). And of course the extra income it generates really helps them branch out with new activities, holidays with hubby, or home improvement jobs. It’s refreshing!
  5. Utility Warehouse generates extra income to for holidays, house or grandkids! How do you think you’d spend an extra £200 a month? The ladies on my team tend to use it for holidays with friends or family, spend it on finally doing up the home or garden, making a one-off purchase (often something they’ve dreamed of for ages, like a car), or treating the grandchildren. One thing’s for sure, the women on my team of Utility Warehouse Partners are all enjoying life to the max!
  6. Do you agree that women make great Utility Warehouse Partners? Would love to hear your comments. Perhaps I’ll blog next time about the characteristics you need to make your UW business a success.

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