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I have been involved in part-time money making ideas for many years. I signed up as a Utility Warehouse customer in 2008 just after they introduced the CashBack card. I loved the card because it gave me cash back every time I shopped at Sainsbury’s and over 30 other high street shopping chains. This appeared as a reduction on my monthly utility bill – which was very competitive anyway.

I quickly realised that there was a very lucrative business opportunity here. By signing up as a Utility Warehouse Partner I became entitled to promote the company’s award winning products and services. I signed up in June 2008 and started to copy the pattern of successful people already established in the business. By July 2010 I had achieved my first goal – I was earning enough residual income to pay the HP on a brand new BMW S1000RR motorbike.

I am now working hard towards my next goal – to qualify for my brand new white BMW Mini One subtly adorned with pink pigs! I am currently on track to qualify by December 2011.

People often say to me what’s the catch? Signing others up to save money on their bills and receiving a slice as commission sounds too good to be true! The answer is – consistent, persistent work. The really successful people make money by doing something every day consistently.

I love helping other Partners to make a success of this business – many members of my team are already receiving meaningful, substantial commission payments. You could do the same – please have a look at the online video, request an information pack instantly by email or just drop me a line [email protected].

By Jonathan Hamilton.

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